Jupiter Island History and Live Feed Video

After WWII, Jack Whitney and two other entrepreneurs bought the southern end of Jupiter Island. Mr Whitney planned to build a house for his own use and leave the rest of the island undeveloped. In 1958 he was persuaded by Charlie Martyn to sell him 86 acres for $3000+ per acre. Martyn’s plan was to build a beautiful village. He proceeded to lay out the roads and to mark off the lots for the Jupiter Inlet Colony. County and state requirements forced him to pave the roads, arrange for water and electricity, and install phone lines when houses were build. In 1962 there were 300 inhabitants with 155 houses. Among the first to purchase lots, were golfer Toney Penna and singer Perry Como. By 1972 there were 192 homes, occupying 90% of the land area. Today there are 240 home with 3 green lots.

Jupiter Inlet Webcam/Livestream Videos to see what is like at this exact moment.